Areas of Activity
  • Modiin Campus

Modiin Campus

5-7 Habanai, Modiin

The main logistics center in Modi'in is the leading logistics center in Israel in the field of building materials. The  Group's headquarters divisions are operating from the center, customer relations service and architects, marketing, sales, import and procurement, and more. The center stores and distributes nationwide construction products and materials throughout the country. In the complex you will also find an innovative and spectacular hall for ceramic products from the "Tuboul Ceramics" house, (logo that links to the site) offering a wide range of products and solutions for home design: tiles, cladding, sanitary ware, faucets, cabinets, baths, parquets, interior doors and more...

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  • Jerusalem Campus

Jerusalem Campus

Talpiot 3-5, Jerusalem Industrial Zone

The sales complex and logistics center in Jerusalem is spread over an area of about 6 dunams (around 1.5 acres).  The flagship store for construction materials from Tuboul Building Materials Equipment House operates in the complex. The store which has a reputation of 35 years, is considered the most professional and leading in the field in Jerusalem. Tuboul Construction Materials Supplies in Jerusalem provides a complete range of home and construction products for the contractor, the handyman, as well as for the private consumer...

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  • Tuboul Ceramics

Tuboul Ceramics

Mevo Horon Logistics Center

The storage and logistics center in Mevo Horon is spread over an area of about 14 dunams (around 3.5 acres). The complex stores and distributes over 3000 items in the field of ceramics, sanitary ware, fixtures, and more. The complex has dozens of employees, 7 pick platforms, and 7 distribution platforms...

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  • Modi'in Illit Building equipment Logistic center

Modi'in Illit Building equipment Logistic center

Tuboul Group, Modi'in Illit

Modi'in Elite Logistics Center is a large and innovative center covering 28,000 square meters and one of the most advanced centers in Israel, which is intended for storing engineering construction equipment, wood products, building materials and stone products and marble for interior and exterior cladding...

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